Friday, 27 August 2010

Planned trip to Cornwall has been dashed by the weather being too nice! Predicted calm conditions made the long journey not worth it. Going to stay in the county as sea watching conditions look good for a trip to Cromer on Sunday and with a few things turning up today a look in some bushes could be productive.

Nutchtch (178) calling around the visitor centre while emptying the moth traps on Wednesday was a very good bird to get and hopefully a blocker for some of the others. Several arctic skuas (179) offshore today were the only other birds of note.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Things have been pretty manic since for most of the month with visitors, work and a lack of Internet access (again). Not had much time for ringing and the garden has been quiet. A nice tit flock through the garden ( including several long tails and a chiffchaff) but only a coal tit managed to stumble into a net. A hummingbird hawkmoth was around briefly on Sunday and a hedgehog was wandering around in broad daylight this evening.

Work on the reserve is mad at the moment with things changing dramaticaly on a daily basis. The freshmarsh improvements have been finished and the habitat is looking peachy. Nothing good has been seen but a flock of 300 dunlin have been present for most of august and has included 3 little stint (177) and 2 curlew sandpipers.

Off to Cornwall sea-watching this weekend so hopefully plenty of news next week.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Bit of a mixed bag this weekend to say the least.

After about a month of monster ringing catches it had to end eventually and it truly did on Saturday. Although overall numbers were good, over 80% of the birds were re-traps from recent weeks. A couple of re-trap chiffchaff and 2 juvenile goldcrests were nice.

Ended the weekend sat in the chair very groggy after recieving a half inch gash to me head from having a fight with a post banger. Even had an ambulance out but they spoilt it by not having their lights or siren on!! For those who care (I am sure someone does), no further damage has been inflicted.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Been a bit of a busy couple of weeks now the Coastal Project has started. The reserve has changed loads and it is amazing what a digger can do in a few hours.
Not done much birding other than ringing and that has been pretty good. Got a few tree sparrows a few days ago and a nice immature tawny owl, complete with downy head, at the weekend.

Hobby hunting over the garden and male bullfinch at the weekend. Also hummingbird hawkmoth briefly on Sunday.