Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Forest delights

In amongst the football, water fights, wrestling and cycling with the Rowlands clan last weekend, we did manage to fit in a bit of wildlife watching.
Biking around the forest tracks turned out to be pretty good despite 2 crazy children in tow. The highlight was a male honey buzzard circling low above our heads while trying to work out which way to go! Non avian stuff was also pretty good with silver washed and dark green fritillaries, painted lady, golden ringed dragonfly, southern damselfly and scarce chaser in decent numbers. A trip to the reptile centre (sounds naff but worth the visit) offered good views of smooth snake, adder, sand lizard and natterjack toad all within 15mins!
The coastal marshes around Lymington had plenty of waders but we failed with the curlew sand although 8 med gulls inc a green darvic ringed bird was nice. We did manage to get the world's worst views of the long staying night heron, just it's eye showing through the leaves!!

Just booked a week in Cornwall in early October. The website said your holiday starts in 49 days, bring on the yank rares!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Missing words

Unfortunatley, some missing words in one of my recent blog posts have caused me a few issues so I will no longer be posting about my ringing activities. If you are interested in reading about bird ringing then check out the blog written by the BTO at

I will still occassionally post here about my birding antics or you can follow me on Twitter @pauleele.

Off to Hampshire tomorrow for some spotting and crazyness with the Rowlands family!!!!