Thursday, 4 February 2010

Things have gone a bit quiet over the last week with not a lot new happening. The bittern (s) still like showing well and we had great views of a bird in the air for nearly 5 mins before dropping back into the reeds. If the weather continues to warm up we may start to get some booming in the next few weeks.
The goldfinch flock seems to be getting a bit bigger and the mealy redpoll is still with them. Added siskin (113) to the list yesterday but haven't connected with the brambling yet. Both species have been really low in numbers this winter and I haven't even had lesser redpoll (the commoner one) yet.
Loads of song especially from the tits but did have Cettis warbler and bearded tit active this morning.
Nice to be able to leave the office in the gloom rather that the pitch black!

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