Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bit of a jammy afternoon. While walking around the Meadow Trail I had a fly-over rook (128). Not exactly a rare bird but a surpringly hard species to catch up with at Titchwell. We get loads of crows breeding in the area and moving west in the spring and good numbers of jackdaw but rook is another matter. I radioed the office but it had gone over before the others could get out. We also had a very early sedge warbler (129) singing near the Island Hide briefly mid-afternoon. Not sure on when we had the 1st bird last year but in 2007 I didn't record one until April 12th! It does seem that several species are a bit early - sand martin and swallow have both bee at least 10 days earlier this year.

A quick stop at Choseley drying barns on the way home produced 52 corn bunting and 22 yellowhammer feeding on spilt grain on the concrete pad.

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