Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cracking day out and about and it was made even better by bumping into this!

For some reason I decided to look at the 'big white bag' it the top of the wood and was surprised to see that it was a bird and not a bag. Scoped it and realised it was an egret that had to be great white considering its size and the fact I was probably half a mile away from it. The bird was on one of our ringing sites so I called Keith so we could go onto the farm and get closer views to confirm the ID and get some images. Thankfully the bird stayed until Keith and Ann arrived and showed until 16:15 at least. By the time I had got to the car and driven back it had gone. I checked Thornham Harbour and saltmarsh but no sign.
Barn owl, 670 golden plover, 30 yellowhammer and 20 corn bunting were also in the Choseley barns area.

Spent the morning on the reserve and managed to add 2 more species to the yearlist. Grey partridge (116) on the saltmarsh and 2 tree sparrows west at 09:45 (117). Also had snow bunting on the beach, 80+ avocet and this ring-necked x tufted duck hybrid on the fresh marsh.

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