Monday, 22 March 2010

Photographers are always moaning that they get a bad press when the are accused (rightly or wrongly) of flushing birds or being where they are not meant to be and this bloke hasn't helped their cause. Unfortunatly I was not close enough to say anything but he climbed over a fence to get closer to a perched barn owl. He didn't get that close before he flushed it - what a tw*t!! Rant over

Last day of my holiday so decided to go out to Gun Hill to look for migrants. Got off to a promising start with 3 chiffchaffs in the hedges near the road along with a late fieldfare. The grazing marsh was alive with displaying lapwing, redshank and skylarks and there were 6 ringed plover feeding on the pools. Two male wheatear and a fly through sand martin were the only other migrants and the wind picked up from the south. A quick look at the sea produced 5 common scoter, single gannet and a horbour porpoise close inshore.

Thought I would try for some shelter in Holkham Park but apart several singing nuthatch and a nice female green woodpecker it was quiet.

Holkham church and hall

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