Saturday, 10 July 2010

Into the last couple of days on my hols so making the most of the weather with getting in more ringing visits.
Kevin and I spent Thursday trying to get some swallows but had limited success. Most of the birds had finished breeding and were reluctant to retun to the barns. We did manage to get 3 adults and 5 young from a nest. Yesterday we had a successful visit to our tree sparrow site with 17 juveniles caught at the feeders and 1 young rung in the nest. Two adult whitethroats were a bonus.

Dropped into Sculthorpe Moor briefly this afternoon and had a marsh tit and 4 white admiral butterfies.

The new pond in the garden is already starting to pull things in and its only been in a week. The birds have now found it and are happy to drink and bathe and I have seen 2 common darter dragonflies and a common blue damselfly in the last couple of days.

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