Wednesday, 3 November 2010

After big invasions in the last two autumns, I couldn't really not go and see the glossy ibis that has been at Welney for the last few weeks especially as it was a British tick (391) for me.
After a couple of hours ringing, things had gone quiet, so I decided to make the most of the decent weather.

Got to Welney and the bird was showing on the far side of its favoured field but according to other birders present, it had been much closer. After about half and hour the bird flew towards the road and started to feed near a small pool. What was surprising, was the bird favoured feeding in the longer rank grass rather that around the edge of the pool. This habit made it a nightmare to get any photos.
We a load of gulls about yesterday afternoon I decided to try the roost again today. Things were scuppered slightly when I got a call from a friend to say he was watching 7 shorelark on the beach and that they had just flown to the saltmarsh. Despite walking to Thornham Point and back, I couldn't relocate them. This made me later getting to the fresh marsh but there were still 4 yellow legged gulls and an adult med gull present. Another 'yellow-legged' gull was also present and looked good for Caspian. Not being an expert, I text Dave who came straight down. He agreed the bird looked good but a trawl through the literature tonight may help us to pin it down, fingers crossed...

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  1. Congrats on your uk list pushing up to 191, nearly at the 200 mark! ;)
    PS nice performance on Countryfile, finally got to see one of your performances!
    ATB- Ben