Monday, 3 January 2011

Well, it has been an interesting start to the year!

New Year's Eve/Day was a bit of a messy one with the annual cocktail making competion going horribly wrong. After a Mai Tai, Midnight Cowboy, Damp Kangaroo, Woo Woo and others I can't remember, not much was done on the 1st.

Having said that, we did add reed bunting (86) to the garden list with 3 birds feeding on and off. 3 siskin and 2 lesser redpoll were also kicking about.

Adam wanted to catch up with the Northern harrier so we spent most of the day looking for it. We checked Thornham, Brancaster harbour, Burnham Norton and back to Thornham but there was no sign. 3 waxwing over Brancaster and the whooper swan at Titchwell were the highlights. We headed back home for lunch with the plan to retun to Brancaster for the roost. As were were about to set off, new came it that it had returned to Thornham, so we headed there. We got ther as the bird was hunting and decent views were had although it was starting to get a bit dark. Annoyingly, the bird dropped onto the saltmarsh on the Holme side of the harbour and didn't get back up until it was barely visible and flew strongly east over Titchwell towards Brancaster harbour.

There have been loads of birds in the garden in recent days so I decided to spend the day ringing. Ended up with a decent total of 23 new and 4 re-traps.
lesser redpoll - 1
blackbird - 3 (1 r/t)
starling - 2
blue tit - 8
coal tit - 3 (1 r/t)
goldfinch - 2
chaffinch - 2
greenfinch - 2
dunnock - 1 r/t
robin - 1 r/t

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