Friday, 4 February 2011

Despite the very windy conditions (30mph in the night!), I decided to Holkham and have a look for some geese. It started well with 15 white fronts really close to Lady Anne's Drive. Although it was very windy, poor light and I was trying to shelter behind a tree, I don't think these shots are too bad. They are certainly better that anything I got with my Nikon Coolpix and all the digiscoping extras. Can't wait for some sunny days with decent light.

Most of the geese had already gone but from the Joe Jordan hide there was another flock of white fronts but at least 150 this time. They are cracking when you can see them up close. Pinkies were moving past in small groups and one of them included the adult Ross's that has been kicking about. Some people who were already in the hide had seen a rough-leg drop onto the ground but the only bird that I saw while I was there was common buzzard. They had described the bird as having a pale base to the tail so it was probably still sitting our of sight somewhere.

A quick look at the sea produced a few red-throated divers, eider and great-crested grebes but little else and Holkham Gap had just a few skylarks.

18 corn buntings at Choseley drying barns on the was home was the only other sighting of note.


  1. Nice pics Paul, shows off the blotchy black bellies nicely. What camera have you got now?

  2. Should be called Tiger Geese really