Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a difference a day makes! The last 6 days have been very windy (33.8mph gust yesterday afternoon) and no good for anything. Typical, as they have been my last weeks' leave for this year.
However, today was now it should have been. Sunny, calm and surprisingly warm in the sun so I decided to get the nets open.
There was a steady supply of birds all day with a final total of 23 new and 6 re-traps. Greenfinch (10) and blackbird (7) made up the majority but a couple of goldfinch and chaffinch added some interest. Apart from the tree sparrows this morning there were a few other goodies about. A female brambling in the trees wouldn't drop down and a fly-over redpoll didn't even slow down.

Back in the autumn I caught a great tit that had come from Kevin's garden in Brancaster and with it was a blue tit that wasn't from our scheme. I have just had the information back from the BTO and it was ringed in Guist back in the summer. An interesting movement especially as both birds were in the same flock and within a few feet of each other in the net.

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