Monday, 7 March 2011

Made the most of the decent weather and had a conserted effort on garden ringing. 21 new birds ringed which isn't top bad. Highlights were 3 siskin (8 this year) and a lesser redpoll.

The birds keep coming at our weekend ringing site with another 115 birds (27 new) handled on Saturday. For some reason we had a load of new blue tits arrive making up at least half the birds we ringed. There is the chance they are migrants as we also had a chaffinch with a longer wing measurement than our local birds. A pair of nuthatch and a treecreeper were also caught and are probably in the top 3 of the best birds to handle. A singing mistle thrush and 2 drumming great spots were a nice change.

The ringing group have just had an interesting ringing recovery. Kevin ring a woodcock in his garden on November 7th. We have just heard that it was shot 56 days later on January 2nd, 1145km south near Oviedo in northern-Spain! We assume that it was moving south to escape the cold weather. It is a shame that it had been shot but still a facinating recovery.

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