Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WHITE TAILED EAGLE!!! Get in. After a frustrating couple of days and facing the fact that the bird would probably bugger off and not some over the reserve, there was great relief on the reserve today as the bird finally made it to us especially as I had missed the 2005 bird and this one on Sunday. With news of the bird slowly heading our way, we were all on standby ready to dash down the path. After an hour of no news we gave up and went back to the office and I decided to give it a try at lunchtime. With still no sign I was heading back when I bumped into someone on the path and got into conversation about 'stuff'. The radio then sparked into life and the next hour was a blur. To start with the bird was distant over Barrow Common but was still impressive in its size. It slowly came closer and ended up coming low over Gypsy Lane and interacting with the marsh harriers. At one point is went behind some trees and must have been less that 30' up over Titchwell village! Eventually it was relocated further away and starting to head inland. In that short space of time we probably showed 70 people the bird, for a lot of them it was their first eagle sighting. As an added bonus, we had both red kite, waxwing and a 1st winter med gull west while waiting foe the bird.

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