Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Still not managed to get any more holiday snaps sorted - need some more wet evenings!

The reserve has been looking awesome at the moment now the water levels are dropping. Last Friday we had a reserve record 706 black-tailed godwits and yeaterday evening there were 350 blackwit, 300 barwit, 200 knot, 12 spotshank, 8 ruff, 4 green sands, 3 LRP and 3 greenshank - and it is still only June!!

Finally got out ringing on Sunday after nearly a month and there was ton of birds. 90% were juvenile robin, dunnock and tits although a new juv great spot was nice. By the end of the morning we had rung 75 new birds and re-trapped 12. Also found out that a greenfinch that I caught in the garden in April was ringed at Holme NOA 3 years ago.

Moth numbers are on the increase. Cloudy and warm conditions last Tuesday produced 83 moths of 41 species. Beautiful hooktip was a new species for me.

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