Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Jammed in on a cracking 2nd calendar year male Montagu's harrier near home this evening hunting over a cereal field. Awesome birds especially with their graceful boyant flight.
Been going through a few photos and thought I would post a few.
3 of the 4 temmincks stint that were present in the spring. These birds were showing well near the Island Hide but unfortunatly the light wasn't good.
Straw underwing moth caught a few nights ago at home.
Still wet otter track on the small bridge on the path to the Island Mere hide at Minsmere - probably scared it as I was walking along!
Part of the recent roosting knot flock on the fresh marsh over recent high tides. Upto 3000 have been recorded many still in summer plumage.
Best ever breeding season for avocet with a peak of 80 nests and over 100 nesting attempts. Good numbers of young hatched with at least 12 staying on the fresh marsh to fledging.

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