Monday, 19 September 2011

I must admit I haven't been up to much recently. Despite the strong winds bringing a boatload of birds into the west, it has been nothing but annoying on the east coast. Bushes bent horizontal and a complete blocker for any wader movement. Hopefully we will fare better once October comes. Also been a bit 'twitchy' knowing that the 'Foula crew' are heading back to the promised land soon. The island has already scored with least sand and arctic warbler so I think 'something 'with yellow on' (a mega Yank) may be on the cards!! Already thinking of a Northern Isles trip for next autumn - better start saving those brownie points Ben.
A return to form on the ringing front this weekend with over 100 birds ringed and processed. Blackcaps are still on the move with over 20 ringed along with the 3rd garden warbler in 2 weeks. Also had fly-over brambling (1st of autumn), crossbill and green sand.

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  1. If I am the Ben in question, consider my brownie points saved!