Friday, 18 November 2011

Would anybody out there care to make comment on this gull that was present on the fresh marsh yesterday afternoon. When I initially saw the bird the combination of the bright yellow legs and dark grey mantle looked good for yellow-legged gull but the heavy head streaking doesn't seem to fit with what I know about them (but that isn't much). That has made me move towards a lesser black backed gull but which race? Looking in the books (Gulls) I would go for an adult winter graelsii as a much darker bird joined it later (no photos) which I would assume to be intermedius.
After all that, I may be wrong so feel free to make and suggestions

Had my first waxwing of the winter over the reserve yesterday and the redpoll flock is beginning to build up (20 today) so hopefully something good will join them if it ever turns cold!

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  1. Interesting Gull, as you say I think it probably is a LBBG ssp Graellsii due to the contrast between the mantle and wing tips. The bird looks like its moulting primaries which has given it a bulkier less attenuated look, that said it does look like a large gull anyway. Check out Steve Arlows excellent site for gull id have a look at the 4th image down, it has similarities although the bill and legs are far more yellow your bird, also click on the more adults button at the bottom of the page to reveal some intermedius gulls.