Thursday, 15 December 2011

Just heard back from the BTO with the details of the ringed herring gull (below) that I found at Brancaster Harbour. The bird was ringed by the Landguard Ringing Group as a nestling on July 1st 1995 at Orfordness in Suffolk. That means that the bird has moved 117 km from its ringing site and was found 5989 days after ringing. I am glad I made the effort to read the ring!
Coue's Arctic redpoll at Titchwell taken yesterday by Andy Thompson. The bird has gone very elusive probably due to the windy conditions and has only been seen briefly once (when the photo was taken) in the last 3 days. It is not helped by the tail being nearly fully grown again making it a bit trickier to locate.

Cracking 1st winter Caspian gull that has been on the fresh marsh intermittently this week. I lied the other day saying that I hadn't seen one before. Well I had found one at Blackbrough End tip last year.

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