Saturday, 7 January 2012

Daves' found an Iceland

With the year well under way I thought I had better get some birds onto the yearlist. My plan is to use Saturday afternoon, after ringing, as my yearlist time while there is no chance of morning or evening birding.
Due to a shoot we couldn't go ringing so I decided to spend the morning on the reserve. Didn't worry about looking at the redpoll but headed straight to the fresh marsh to count the ducks and check for scaup and mandarin. Didn't manage to catch up with either but a phonecall from Rob changed things. Dave had just located an adult Iceland gull on the beach so I was in hot pursuit managing to leave my tally counter on the bench (it was handed in to the shop later). The bird had moved east along the beach but a quick call to Dave and the bird was located feeding on the tideline, only my 2nd reserve record.
The sea remains very quiet but I did manage to add fulmar, RB merg, GC grebe and guillemot taking the yearlist to 85.
After a couple of hours in Thornham Harbour things turned for the worse as the van cut out as I was heading home and I had to call out the RAC. They have towed it to the garage so I am expecting another large bill next week...stupid cars!!
Pied wag and turnstones at Thornham Harbour.
Added redwing (22) and coal tit (23) to the garden yearlist this morning.

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