Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I had to check some of the scrubby areas around the Fen Trail and carpark in preparation for some coppicing while I am away which gave me the opportunity to look for woodcock. It doesn't seem to have been a great winter for them yet. We have seen and caught very few through our ringing activities and there have been none showing in the usual places between the carpark and visitor centre. This made my scrub search one of the few chances to find some. I was in luck and flushed at least 6 birds.
I did manage to miss a couple of seasonal goodies though. Stuart text me with the news that he had seen the Ross's goose fly along the ridge with a load of pinkies (I did see it at Snetts at the weekend) and Ray had a fly-over green sandpiper. I did have, what is probably the same wintering bird, back in November when we were scrub planting.
Yearlist now up to 102
Only 2 weeks to India, should really start revising the birds!

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