Thursday, 2 February 2012

A touch of frost

With the first snow (only a cm but it all counts) of the winter today and the icy eastern blast, there has been a good number of birds on the move. Despite the frozen fresh marsh, pochard numbers are back upto the 100 mark and there was a decent movement of skylark today. The local goose flock is still commuting between Gypsy Lane and reserve and still includes the 10 white fronts - had really nice views of them flying over in the sun this morning. Managed to add a couple more birds to the yearlist this week. Treecreeper outside the feeders yesterday and finally added redding today. List now stands at 107.
The best sighting of the day was a water rail. Not amazing I hear you say but what made it different was what it was feeding on. I have heard of them killing birds or eating dead fish in cold weather but I have only ever seen them eating worms. Today there were 2 birds feeding in the ditch near the centre when one appeared with something in it's beak. That something turned out to be a live frog which the bird started to stab to death!! Unfortunalty I didn't have my camera with me.
This time next week we will be half way to India - all I need to do is pack

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