Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bloody weather!!

The weather forecast for the weekend was unpredictable and so it proved. We decided to go for a Sunday ringing session as the forecast was dry for the morning. I got up a 4:30 and it was pissing it down!!
Every cloud has a silver lining though and after going back to bed for a couple of hours, the rain had stopped by 6:30 so I decided to open my nets. I grabbed some breakfast while the birds were arriving and was pleased to see a few birds had been caught while I was eating. Even better was the fact that in the same net there were 2 lesser redpolls.
Adult male
1st year female
I had the nets open for a couple of hours before the rain came again but not before I had a/the red kite over the garden again.
Later in the day the weather cleared and I was able to open for the afternoon which coincided with a another flurry of birds.
By the end of the day I had ringed 24 birds and re-trapped 2.
Greenfinch - 11 new, 1 re-trap
Lesser redpoll - 2 new
Chaffinch - 8 new
Blackbird - 1 re-trap
Song thursh - 1 new
Goldfinch - 1 new
House sparrow - 1 new
Blue tit - 1 new
1st song thrush ringed in the garden
Don't get many house sparrows in the garden so it was nice to catch this male.

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