Friday, 27 April 2012

Pied piper?

Well it did feel like that a bit today. Just after lunch a report came in of a male pied flycatcher the the trees by the main path and as spring males are pretty unusual on the reserve, we went out to look for it. The bird was reported to be mobile and sure enough, it had moved off. Despite the poor weather for migrants (strong northerly with constant rain) there did seem to be a few birds about. Loads of swifts (100+), swallow and house martins were moving through, there were yellow and white wags on the fresh marsh and a couple of greenshank were reported. David also had seen another osprey moving through west early morning. At about 4pm the pied fly (151)was relocated and we were able to get cracking views as it fed low in the trees. The contrasting brown wings showed it to be a 1st year bird. Fingers crossed the weather will change for the better soon!

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  1. Not sure how regular pied flycatchers are at Titchwell but the 30 Sept 2010 bird was my 200th for the reserve.

    A good day as I also saw yellow-browed warbler and grey phalarope on the reserve and on the way back met the finder of the barred warbler (201 for Titchwell).

    My notes say the majority of my nineties pied flycatchers were in spring and mostly at the end of April or in early May. Those since mostly in autumn.