Thursday, 10 January 2013

Freakin Fog!

An early morning visit to the doctor has given me the all clear with the foot so its now full speed ahead with the patch.

With calm, cold conditions early on I decided that it there should be a few more finches around the garden so I opened up my nets. It wasn't long before the fog started to form but I kept them open. I was surprised that there wasn't very many birds about but along with the 3 blackbirds, I caught a fine 1st yr male brambling, the first ringed in the garden. Loads of pinkies were flying around the area in the fog and another record of greylag goose (several birds calling) was added!

Happy with that, it was out onto the patch. By now the fog was getting pretty thick and not wanting to stress my foot too much, I decided to give the damp woodland a go for woodcock.

The visibility was pretty crappy to be honest and it was very quiet for small birds with the damp cold conditions. A calling marsh tit and male siskin in the trees by the marsh were the highlights until I flushed a woodcock (51) from the roadside, quickly followed by another. The only other thing of note from my walk was that the heath does seem to be good for goldcrests at the moment. I am sure that they are breeders from the plantations in the area but 10 birds was pretty good.

One day I hope to see the area in sunlight....

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