Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cheeky Monkey

Although the trip was birds, birds, birds, we didn’t ignore any other wildlife we saw. Most of the butterflies, dragonflies and other insects were small and a nightmare to photograph (future blog post) and despite all the snake horror stories (people stepping over sating poisonous snakes), I only saw the back end of a massive rat snake.
The most obvious non-avian stuff were the mammals. Goa is not blessed with a large list but we did manage to get 3 species, not including the rat that ran through a restaurant one night!!

A mongoose sp (never did find out which one) was seen hunting around the edge of the pools at the Biera Mar hotel in Baga and another one was seen near the kingfisher site at Backwoods. Mammal tick #1

Mammal ticks #2 & #3 came from Backwoods and were primates.
The Hanuman Langur or Vandor were really smart beasts with their pale fur, contrasting black faces and massive long tails. They were however, a real nightmare to photograph as they spent much of their time high in the trees and were very mobile.

Slightly easier to see was the Bonnet Macaque. They would spend much of their time hanging around the fruit stalls near Tamdi Surla temple trying to nick stuff from the tourists. It seemed to be a large family party that included a female with a tiny baby. They were right little characters and I can see some of myself in them…..

 Can I have an apple for looking cute please?

No shame, playing with himself in public!!

Still can't reach my back though...

Who's that down there?

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