Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Roller coaster few days

The highs and lows of twitching...

With news of the Pacific swift breaking on Saturday, I like most people didn't think that it would stay so I wasn't too bothered about going for it. It was still there in the evening and at lunchtime on Sunday so, after I had finished my CES I decided to go for it. A quick phone call to Dave and a last minute arrival from Connor and we were off.

Parking was pretty easy on arrival and we headed off. Almost straight away I bumped into someone I knew and had a little chat while Dave and Connor carried on. It was a decent walk but by the time I arrived there were still plenty of people on the seawall watching. I joined the end of the crowd. By this time I hadn't seen Dave and Connor for half an hour until Dave walked along the line and said if we have been watching the bird. Sadly, being away from the main crowd (only by 10m) nobody had passed on the message that the bird was showing!!!!

The rest is history but NO, I didn't see the bird! Oh well, that is twitching for you....

While we were waiting for the bird to reappear, Connor got a phone call about a roller that had just been found near Holt. I was knackered after a 4am start so couldn't be bothered to go for it but as it was still there today I decided I would.

I went with Simon from the reserve on his first twitch and Al joined us. Although there were plenty of cars when we arrived, the location wasn't obvious until someone came back. Across the field, over the stile, around the pond, through the wood and up onto the heath were the directions and within 15mins, via a slight detour by Al, we were watching the bird sat on the edge of the wood. It posed well for about 20mins before flying over the wood. 2 singing woodlarks also gave Simon is 2nd tick of the evening.

 See, twitching isn't always a frustrating nightmare..... Until the next time!!

The usual excuse of distance and poor light but you can tell what it is

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