Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lovely Evening

Even before the report of a white rumped sandpiper on the fresh marsh (heard reports ot was a juv sanderling!), I had decided to go into the reserve for the evening. A really good choice as the weather was beautiful.

A sit on the main path for a bit gave fantastic views of a juv little stint feeding within 10m of the path with a little group of ruff. Stunning little birds although it was a bit too mobile to get some decent photos.

Most of the ruff were feeding behind the islands so I went to Parrinder Hide do a count. 95 is a good count for this time of year

I didn't count everything but had :-

3 juv little stint
5 golden plover
Juv sanderling
140 avocet
13 spotshank
32 dunlin
2 water rail
268 teal
2 greenshank
5 juv curlew sand
113 LBB gull
3 knot
2 Chinese water deer

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