Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Eele has landed

Well we have finally made it to Cape May.
Nice smooth flight with US Airways went well but as usual I couldn't sleep. Landed pretty much on time but immigration was the usual pain in the arse taking pretty much 2hrs to get through. Many of the other people who were queuing were meant to be getting connecting flights, most of them missed them!

Getting the car was pretty easy too, a nice flash VW but as usual the scary 1st few miles are the scariest as you remember which side you need to drive on and what the hell everyone else is doing!! We thought we had missed our road but it was a false alarm. We even managed to get the 1st birds on the list. Feral pigeon, Canada goose and night heron.

Cruise control and the Interstate fit together perfectly and within 2hrs were in our apartment in Cape May.

Sadly we arrived after dark but sitting out on the balcony I can hear the sea only 50m away!!

Hope to keep my blog going daily but its early to bed. There is birding to do in the morning and I'm knackered!

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