Thursday, 25 September 2014

Who knows why....

For some reason, the images for the last blog decided not to post so here are a selection from today, hopefully...

Pic 1 great egret
Pic 2 juv little blue heron
Pic 3 typical view of the saltmarsh habitat
Pic 4 wader pools
Pic 5 greater yellowlegs (middle) roosting with willets
Pic 6 roosting willets
Pic 7 roosting marbled godwit amongst the grass and willets
Pic 8 young male common yellowthroat
Pics 9-10 juv white eyed vireo
Pic 11 red eyed vireo
Pic 12 northern waterthrush
Pic 13 American redstart
Pic 14 alder flycatcher

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