Thursday, 2 October 2014

Banded Shorebirds

I think I must have been here too long, I'm picking up the lingo. Ringed Waders to those of us from the other side of the pond ;-)

Took another trip up to Stone Harbor this morning to have a look at the roosting waders again. When we were there a few days ago we managed to read a few colour rings so we hoped to do the same again. This time the flock was much smaller and only consisted of about 20 sanderling. Too many people and a peregrine had probably moved most of the birds on.
We did however managed to read 5 sanderling rings to go with the 2 western sands from the other day.
Having reported the western sands (PT3 & HU3) it turns out that they were both ringed at Stone Harbor on October 3rd 2007. The sanderling rings are very similar so I am assuming that they will have been ringed there too.
I still have an American oystercatcher and GBB gull to hear back about.

A look around the small patch of woodland again produced a nice selection of birds.  We managed our best views of robins, found a gray cheeked thrush, couple of red eyed vireo and a yellow rumped warbler.

No new species added today so we stay on 167.

Pic 1 - sunrise at Stone Harbor
Pic 2 - colour ringed sanderling. Like the western sands from the other day, this bird was probably ringed at Stone Harbor
Pic 3-4 - great views of America robins today
Pic 5 - all sparrows seem to be tricky to id. This one is a song sparrow unless anyone disagrees
Pic 6 - northern flicker
Pic 7-9 - roosting common nighthawk shown to me by a couple of local birders.
Pic 10 - the common and everywhere northern mockingbird. They have a lovely little song thrush-like song

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