Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Steppe on it

With the nights starting to draw in I was straight out the office door at 5 in the hope of catching up with the steppe grey shrike.

It was thankfully quiet for people and parking was easy. On the walk out it was nice to catch up with a few small groups of pinkies overhead but there was very little in the fields.
There was a small group looking for the bird but unfortunately it hadn't been seen for 20 mins! I decided to walk further up the track to get a different view on the hedgerow.
The bird reappeared after a few minutes actively feeding, dropping down onto insects in the grass then flying back onto the brambles and fenceposts.
The bird never came that close but it was great to watch it. At one stage it sat on top of a post and coughed up a pellet.
The bird eventually flew to the brambles at the back of the field just before dusk, presumably to roost.

A calling cettis warbler and a flight of 600 pink footed geese into the marsh to roost ended the day.

Pic 1 - Burnham Norton
Pic 2 - steppe grey shrike coughing up a pellet
Pic 3-5 - steppe grey shrike never came close enough for any better shots

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