Wednesday, 18 March 2015

African Adventure

Most of the best trips seem to come from a chance conversation and this recent one was no different.

We didn't really think he was serious when Roger said 'why don't you come to Uganda ringing?' A few months later our flights were booked!!

Roger recommended a local guide called Harriet (let me know it you would like her details) and things were sorted. She organised all the accommodation, transport, access to the parks, pretty much everything.

We were very fortunate to end up with two guides along with our driver. This really helped us to reach a total of 428 bird species in 2 weeks.

The accommodation was very good and varied from 4* to long drop toilets and outside showers. Not a problem at all.

Transport was good although many of the minor roads were poor. There wasn't too much travelling apart from a couple of long drives (4 & 5hr drives) although there were birding stops along the way.

I am planning to post a few reports on the different areas we visited and the birds and wildlife seen in the coming weeks

Pic 1 - sunset over Lake Victoria
Pic 2 - 50,000 over this lake. An amazing sight
Pic 3 - our final supper. Fish & chips Ugandan style
Pic 4 - the very swish Primate Lodge in Kibale Forest
Pic 5 - we crossed it at least twice
Pic 6 - forest birding
Pic 7 - Ugandan town

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