Thursday, 9 April 2015

Streaky Shrike

After a very spring-like day which saw an almost constant raptor movement and the arrival of a good number of summer migrants, I decided to stop off in the Choseley area on the way home and check for wheatears on the ploughed fields south of the barn.

The best area is from the bend in the road to the south of the barns were there is a small area when you can park and watch. As i pulled up I noticed a pale bird in the hedge about 100m away. I was very surprised when I got my bins on it that it was a great grey shrike, not what I was expecting!!!!

I managed to get a few record phonescope shots before the bird moved further away along the hedges. At first I though the bird was actively on the move and it kept heading east long the hedges but eventually it stopped about 300m away and spent the next hour dropping down onto the field edges catching insects.

Couldn't quite believe my luck that I had the bird to myself despite putting the news straight out. Cheeky little self-find too

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