Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bamburgh by beach

Sadly the predicted strong winds did arrive today so it wasn't a complete surprise that the Farnes boats were cancelled.

We rejigged our plans and headed for Bamburgh and a look at the castle. The coast road wasn't that busy so we headed along the verge. It was very windy so birdlife was limited to singing reed buntings and meadow pipits.

Icecream outside the castle and a random half hour watching a croquet match. Really couldn't work out the rules.

We decided not to look round the castle but walk back along the beach. By now the wind was at its strongest and the blowing sand was horrendous but thankfully it was mainly at our backs.

Despite the tides being pretty high there was a surprise in the rock pools. One of the highest ones was freshwater, presumably rainwater, and was full of tadpoles!

Despite having hoods up and everything zipped up tightly, just about everywhere was full of sand!! Invigorating walk though :-)

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  1. Gods County, Paul. Feel a little homesick now. Jim @ Lost Geordie