Friday, 22 January 2016

Recent Ringing

When the weather turned cold last weekend I was full of excitement for a good ringing session. There had been loads of birds about but the strong winds had prevented any chance of opening any nets.

How wrong could I have been!
Yes we did catch a few things but the birds had largely deserted the area. Two days earlier there had been 10 blackbirds about, Saturday we only caught a couple. Even the house sparrows out the front of the house had disappeared.

Having said all that, we did manage to catch a few nice things.
First up was a lovely male siskin, the first one of the year and only the 2nd of the winter followed by a 1st year male lesser redpoll soon after. I popped on a tape with a redpoll call and managed to catch a 2nd male. Neither bird had been around before so it was a surprise to catch them.

Our piebald blackbird was still about but we didn't catch her this time.

1-3 - lesser redpoll
4 - siskin
5 - female blackbird

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