Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Roosting waders and spring sunshine

Having had the car checked over at the garage I decided to check the coast between Heacham and Hunstanton for early spring migrants.

Having heard about the recent purple sand at Hunstanton I thought I'd have a good chance of seeing a few waders as the tide was high.
Sadly I'd forgotten how disturbed this part of the coast is and a combination of people and high water meant that there were very few birds about.

I did find a small flock that was rather approachable and allowed good views. I did manage to pick out a few colour ringed turnstones but it was only possible to get a bunch of incomplete combinations. Very nice to get close views and get a few phonescoped shots.

The field on the inland side of the inner seawall on the way back towards Heacham looked very good for an early wheatear but it wasn't to be. Plenty of feeding pipits and wagtails around the horse paddocks and several territorial reed bunting.

The ploughed fields beyond the golf course produced 61 golden plover and 180 curlew. I managed to read 6 colour flag combinations on the curlew before 2 red kites flushed them!

Surprisingly no chiffchaff but a gorgeous in the spring sunshine ☺

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