Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cyprus day 11 - the last rights

We had a few hours this morning before the flight to get in some last minute birding but there was a problem, it was blowing a hoolie!

It was suggested that we try the sheltered picnic area around the Asprokremmos Dam. Even here was windy and we only managed a female pied fly and a cuckoo.

We'd heard that there had been some crakes at Agia Varvara so decided to give it a try. The stream by the ford was dry but a lucky meeting with some birders informed us of some water storage tanks further up the valley.
There were other birders there when we arrived and there were already a bunch of herons in flight; 8 greys and 2 smart adult purples.
Moving to the 2nd tank I instantly saw a pale bird creeping around the waters edge in the corner. A dash to unpack the scope was required but worth it to add our final species to the trip list, a lovely female little crake.

Sadly it was time to head for the airport with the last minute little crake taking the trip list to 111.

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