Sunday, 17 January 2010

Finally, after all the crappy weather, we managed our first ringing session of the year. Bit of a struggle to get the nets open as they have been frozen, covered in snow and soaked with rain for most of the last month.

With no disturbance recently we hoped for a good day but the first few net rounds were quiet - all the roosting redwings were missing the nets as they flew off and so did the 11 woodcocks that returned at dawn.

First quality bird was this adult redwing followed by a woodcock flushed from a net ride. IIt managed to avoid the first net but was caught by the next. As Kevin and I were watching one of the nets, an immature female sparrowhawk decided to blunder into it. Thankfully it was surprisingly quiet for these normally feisty birds.

With a load of tits towards the end of the morning we ended with 42 new birds ringed and 68 re-trapped.

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