Monday, 18 January 2010

Most people don't like Mondays and many of them don't even like their jobs but I am not one of them - today was a great day
If you know a warden of a nature reserve you will know that we love big machines and today we had one arrive at Titchwell. The Softrak machine is designed to cut vegetation in very wet conditions and has wide rubber tracks to stop it sinking. It can work in areas that are over boot deep in mud! Pictures will follow later in the week.

The birds have been pretty good today as well. No yearticks but fantastic views of bittern in front of the Fen Hide. The bird was standing on the edge of the pool as the machine passed by and it didn't even bother to fly off. At least 2 birds are present at the moment.
At the end of the day we completed our monthly hen harrier roost count. Although there was a brief appearance of a ringtail, the marsh harriers were the highlight. 14 birds (1 male) were seen over the reedbed at dusk including 9 females circling around together. Probably the most adult harriers I have soon on the reserve.

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