Saturday, 29 May 2010

Been without Internet for the last week again hence no news.

Bit of a mad week and the phase ending in blue arsed fly springs to mind. Spent last weekend in Lincs with Mr Badley and managed to catch up with a few things at Frampton despite a few beers. The reserve is looking cracking and was covered in waders. Loads of LRP, curlew sand, Temminck's stint and 4 drake garganey were the highlights.
A trip down to Rainham Marshes to look at their new hide and how the windows will look when ours is built. A complete surprise and not what I was expecting. Run-down council estates, rubbish tips, railway lines and industrial parks is waht I imagined but instead it was wide open views of wet grassland bordering the Thames. Yes you could see the massive rubbish tip and Canary Wharf of the skyline but it wasn't that bad. Couple of hobbies about but not much else.
1st aid course in Lynn for a couple of days so I have barely seen the reserve this week so thankfully not missed anything.

Birds in the garden have had a mixed week. Only one of the great tits survived to fledge, the collared doves hatched two but they went missing, presumed predated over the weekend, and the robins fledged this morning. Found a very small baby blackbird in the garage a couple of days ago. It had spent the night roosting in the rafters and cra**ing all over the car. Managed to catch and ring it and 'Pooh' is doing well in the garden.

Became 'Uncle Paul' again last weekend - congrats to Mike and Debs.

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