Friday, 4 June 2010

June has now arrived and as usually happens most things go quiet. Not much around this week and I haven't had a yeartick for weeks.
Had a nice boot around the reserve this evening with the highlights being a spoonbill, summer plumaged curlew sand, 800 knot, 120 blackwits, 2 wigeon and a drake pintail.

The birds in the garden have now found out about the nets and you can see them trying to avoid them. Had a near miss with a sparrowhawk the other night but it managed to get out before I could get to it. Several rooks and jackdaws about this morning but they are too clever to get caught, thankfully the baby starlings haven't realised and I got 6 this morning. Total birds ringed in the garden is now over 70 in the last month.

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