Friday, 1 October 2010

What a week it turned out to be in the end. After the rush of birds early in the week, things peaked on Wednesday with a little bunting being found at Thornham Point. The bird was found late in the morning and showed on and off for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn't get down to the Point for this 1st for the reserve. Despite 4hrs searching by Dave, there was no sign on Thursday. The 2nd yellow-browed warbler of the week was found in the picnic area with a nice pied fly.
Dave then made up for his disappointing morning by pulling a barred warbler (186) out of the bag. The bird was as elusive as they always are, skulking in the scrub alongside the main path. Despite 2 radio messages I managed to miss it but 3rd time lucky I did manage to see it.

A good week it has been but my mind has been wandering up to Foula where last years crew have been bagging the rares. From the sporadic texts, they are getting more that last year and with still a week to go have seen paddyfield warbler, lancy and a load of scarce migrants. Looks like autumn 2011 could see a return to the Northern Isles - counting down the days!

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