Monday, 15 November 2010

Ooops....maths was never my strong point!!!
While putting my list onto a spreadsheet I realised that I had added you my list. Thankfully I have missed out several species and am now on 205 needing only 2 species to beat the 206 from 2007. Still need whooper swan, black-throated diver and purple sandpiper, to name a few, which could all be about in the last few weeks.

Ringing in the garden this month have produced an unusual number of coal tits with 11 trapped so far. Another amazing species has been goldfinch. Since I started ringing in the garden in late June I have rung 105 with only 1 being re-trapped! Two interesting birds caught so far have been a great tit that Kevin rang in his Brancaster garden earlier in the summer and a blue tit from an unknown location.

Egyptian goose over the garden this morning was a new species taking the garden list to 83. 4 mute swans yesterday was only the second record.

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