Thursday, 18 November 2010

The record is in sight.

Had a bit of a jammy day and I know that others who are yearlisting are trying to ban me from going out of the office.
While I was testing the new windows in Parrinder Hide there was a message on the radio to say that someone had just seen a great white egret on the saltmarsh. Now this is one of the most mis-identified species on the reserve and usually turns out to be a little so I didn't really take any notice and continued with what I was doing.
About 30mins later I was heading back to the main path when the radio went again to say that the bird was showing. As I got to the main path I could see the bird about half way out to the concrete building and even with bins I could see the yellow bill. A quick look through someones scope and it was on the list.
This has equalled my record of 206 and was also my 256th species for the reserve.

All I need now is some of the commoner species to show themselves...missed a flock of 25 whooper swans yesterday!

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  1. Woohoo exciting! Look forward to hearing when you break it!