Monday, 9 May 2011

An interesting couple of days.

With the forecasted rain not arriving on Sunday morning I decided not to rush out and opened up my nests for a few hours. Didn't catch much but did get the first wren for the garden. After lunch we decided to head to the reserve and go up to Thornham Point to look for migrants. As we arrived, 2 Temminck's stints came on the pager but we left them for the way back. As we headed along the dunes there were loads of swallows moving west but no red rumps in the ones I checked. As we got to the Point there was a spotted fly sat on top of the bushes - maybe there would be something better. An hour or so later the Point had only produced 3 willow warbler, 2 whitethroat and a chiff (which is actually quite good) so we headed back. On the walk back I checked the pager to find that there was a male collared fly at Holme. I must admit to not instantly running back to the car, instead checking the lagoons for the stints. Both birds were feeding at the back of the lagoon giving crappy views.
By the time we got to Holme it wasn't the mayhem that I was expecting. As we arrived the bird was showing high in some poplars and although good views were possible, they were only from below. The bird then went elusive and it was probably 30 mins before if was seen again. After more views from below, I managed to move my position and get the bird sat back on showing all the necessary features. A cracking little bird and a great find by David R.

A quick look on the reserve this afternoon produced 3 Temminck's stints and as I was watching them, a 4th bird flew in and joined them!

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