Tuesday, 3 May 2011

With some decent light this evening I decided to test out my 'improved' digiscoping arrangements. I am trying a homemade adapter that fits over the lens to reduce the amount of shake that is caused by holding the camera. For the first attempt they are not too bad but I am still not happy about things not totally sharp. I always knew that I would need to sharpen stuff up with Photoshop but it is very hit and miss getting the original sharp - anyone out there got any tips?

Despite the wind (which did begin to drop) there were a few birds about. 3 whimbrel, 3 greenshank and a spotshank dropped in while I was out and there was a good roost of barwits and knot, mostly in summer plumage. 7 common sands was an increase on earlier in the day and I had my first swift.
After the large decline last year, avocets seem to have recovered with 54 nests on the fresh marsh.

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