Monday, 27 February 2012

Stinky washing

Just back from an awesome trip to NE India and now have the wonderful job of washing 2 suitcases of minging washing!!

I still don't think I have the energy to write a complete account here but here a few of the highlights.
Started of with a day's birding near Delhi at a small wetland site called Sultanpur. It was a good intro to a load of new species groups including babblers, treepies and a lot of familar waders and wildfowl. Highlights were 2 sarus cranes and 2 white tailed plover.
The nest couple of days were at Nameri (white winged duck and ibisbill) before moving to Dirang and Eaglesnest. The scenery was amazing along with the birding. The Sela Pass (13700ft) didn't produce Grandala put the views were breathtaking. Camping at Eaglesnest was 'interesting' but a great experience with Bugan liochiola, Ward's trogon and various wren-babbler seen.
The best was saved to last - Kaziranga. Too many hightlights but an elephant ride, 67 rhino in one day, Pallas's fish eagle and loads of vultures are a few that stick out.
My personal trip list ended on 391 although there were at least another 20 species that I heard but didn't see plus 5 that Dave saw bit I didn't, not bad in 2 weeks!

Dave and I have a load of images to download and edit but I will be adding the best as I complete them and I also plan to produce a full trip report if anyone is interested in more details.

2 yearticks added on the first day back. Drake long tailed duck and scaup on the sea this morning.

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