Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Woop Woop!!

Just finished the last day at work before our holiday so it is now time to kick back and relax before the madness that is India begins. Flight is tomorrow afternoon with an early morning arrival in Dehli. Get a days birding at a local wetland and then it is off to the NE early on Saturday morning.
There is going to be very little power for most of the trip and even less chance of WiFi but if I get the chance I will blog from afar.

Back at the end of the month, enjoy the snow.


  1. Hi Paul

    hope you and Rachel are keeping well

    have a great time in NE India - some of the best birding in the world!


  2. Hi TIM

    Not seen you for a while, how are you?
    India was awesome and we are already planning to return. Keep an eye on blog for updates over the next few weeks
    Have you been to that area?