Sunday, 11 March 2012

Kites again!

Like buses, you see one and then another comes along soon!

This morning was our monthly WeBS (wetland bird count) count and despite the amazing spring weather the reserve was pretty quiet. There was loads od spring activity with both avocet and lapwing displaying over the new area, chiffchaff singing in the carpark and the skylarks on the saltmarsh were going mad. The fresh marsh was pretty empty of birds although I did find the female red crested pochard that has been missing for a couple of weeks.
Radio messages from Rob telling of loads of birds offshore attracted me to the sea. The promise of several yearticks didn't quite come off as the slav grebe and velevet scoters had gone but I did catch up with the moulting red-necked grebe (120).
It was getting pretty busy so I decided on a change of scene. There had been a few buzzards east of the reserve so I went up to Choseley to see what was on the move. Almost straight away I picked up a raptor way to the east heading my way. As it gat a bit closer I realised it was red kite. The bird nearly flew over my head, didn't have camera ready!, and started to circle over the village. I drove closer to try and get some pictures. Once I had stopped the bird had moved higher and had been joined by a 2nd red kite! Both birds drifted off high west and I didn't get my shot.

The lack of wind encouraged my to come home and open my nets in the garden. Fairly quiet although 10 new birds included a smart little goldcrest.
Peacock and brimstone butterflies and a load for bumbles in the garden this afternoon

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