Thursday, 31 January 2013

One down, eleven to go...

I must be getting old, it’s the end of January already and the first month of the Patchwork Challenge is over!!!

So how has it been going…? Well to be honest it has been a bit of a mixed bag. A dodgy foot and more recently a bout or ‘manflu’ has kept appearances out on the patch limited although when I have managed to get out is has been pretty good. The fact that the garden is in the patch has saved many a day and delivered some decent birds. The recent bad weather has been excellent with 23 brambling, 40 goldfinch, 3 lesser redpoll and 7 fieldfare and being recorded within the garden boundaries while fly-over greylag goose and mallard all count.

Out on the ‘wider’ patch the undoubted highlight has been the woodcock. 28 birds in one trip around the common probably won’t be beaten. I have been surprised by the number of wintering goldcrests in the area, at times they have been all over the place and regular marsh tit sightings have been a bonus.

I had no real expectation on how many species I would see but I am really happy with the 55 species seen.

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